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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Updates-Sorry it's been so long-

Seaira swinging at Fort Nugent Park in Oak Harbor, she really enjoyed this!

So many things to talk about! Most important..Seaira is doing very well right now. She is averaging about one seizure a day, they aren't real big ones. We have adjusted meds to try and fix this but it's just not helping. Her health has been good, her mood has been good, I can't ask for much more then that!
Seaira, my niece LaRae and I took a trip to Oak Harbor to house sit for my mom, we were there for 5 days and had a great time. We went to the beach a couple of times, took a boat ride around Deception Pass, and went to the park. Seaira seemed to really enjoy herself other then the boat ride, I'm not exactly sure what her thoughts were on that but she didn't look to thrilled about.
I don't think she ever looked up! :o(
Seaira made it to a few of her summer therapy sessions which was much better then last year she seemed to really enjoy her time with Sue and Laurie!
She seems to be staying cool enough in this insane heat we are having. We have A/C in one room and we try and stay in it!
Seaira's back surgery has been scheduled for Sept 8th up at Shriners, she will be in the hospital a minimum of 6 days and then bed rest for 6 weeks. I'm not worried about our time in hospital as much as I am when we get home, it will interesting to see how it all will work out, I may need some help from our friends and family during this time!
I think that is about it for now!